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History is never truly lost. However, it can be forgotten—often distorted or simply reimagined. With time, we prescribe new narratives that alter our understanding of people, places and cultures, which can lead to the loss of vital truths and strip away the core essence of diverse communities.



Vuelta Sur is a movement that delves into Mesoamerican art and culture through illuminating the rich history of the region, seeking to preserve its authentic techniques and preserve its vast traditions. Through forming collaborative relationships with master artisans and contemporary artists, Vuelta Sur endeavours to create artwork that seamlessly blends old and new.


The Spanish translation of Vuelta Sur is circling the south.




Born in Cajeme, Sonora, Mexico, Paola Castelo has both Spanish and Yaqui (a North-Western Mexican Indigenous tribe) heritage. Acknowledging the extensive diversity that is present across Mesoamerican’s vast landscape, Paola’s initiative was ignited by being called to reconnect with her ancestry—to circle the south—on a quest to unearth, celebrate and share ancient rituals, artistic practices and ways of life as she herself learned.