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Our founder

More than just her life’s work, Paola Castelo’s love for the arts and culture comes from the love of her heritage. Castelo was born into a humble family on a small ranch outside Obregon Sonora, Mexico. She remembers the stories of the elders in her family of Yaqui descendants (North-Western Indigenous) shared with her growing up. She grew up seeing hieroglyphs with the elders and was fascinated by the ancient cultures.

In 2008, Paola moved to Vancouver, Canada and self-funded her dreams to learn a new language, attend university, and achieve a business degree. Paola also immersed herself in the design, arts and culture scene in Vancouver; however, through the rainy, grey Vancouver winters, she longed for the colours and creativity of Mexico. 

In 2019, Paola launched Vuelta Sur, a platform to highlight emerging art and the culture of Mexico with a North American audience. Paola is constantly learning Mexican history, art and design through this process. She has created the most definitive brand on Mexican art and culture and has caught the eye of the most influential creatives through Mexico and LATAM. This process has also led to an incredible network with established and emerging artists, galleries, furniture studios and master artisans all over Mexico.


Our mission is to preserve and amplify the cultural heritage of Mexico through authentic storytelling, conscious commitment, and the empowerment of artists and all the people who contribute to shaping Mexican culture.


To be the leading platform where cultures are valued, celebrated and where artistic expressions serve as bridges that connect and unite us all.