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Vuelta Sur Gives Back
Our platform is rooted in purpose and committed to giving back to the culturally rich communities that have inspired Vuelta Sur’s reason for being. Our outlook is simple: we measure our impact by how we can enrich the lives of our participants—both local artists and our international audience that seeks to learn. Our promise is to develop educational programs that are founded in Mexican art and history. Vuelta Sur hopes to do more than merely benefit its participants through education and program support, digging deeper to align with like-minded organizations through collaboration and sponsorship.
But wait. There’s more.
Vuelta Sur will be partnering with Cosa Buena—because two heads & hearts is better than one. Cosa Buena is a movement based in Oaxaca, Mèxico, that is founded by activist, linguist, teacher and social entrepreneur, Vera Claire. Centered around celebrating the distinct craft and culture of Indigenous communities in Mèxico, Cosa Buena empowers local artisan through preserving their storied heritage while navigating attention from the international tourism market. Cosa Buena seeks to connect cultures and protect knowledge for future generations—envisioning a world where travelers nurture and respect local communities.
This is the start of something good.
Two distinct trees with woven roots—Vuelta Sur and Cosa Buena aspire to expand their collective communities, respectively growing their like-minded movements side by side.