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Vuelta Sur Gives Back 

Our foundation has the purpose of giving back to culturally diverse communities that have inspired Vuelta Sur's mission. Our perspective is straightforward: we measure our impact in terms of how we can enrich the lives of our participants, including local artists, the community, and our international audience seeking to learn. Our pledge is to create educational programs rooted in Mexican art, culture, and history. Vuelta Sur aspires to do more than just benefit its participants through education and program support; it aims to establish partnerships and sponsorships with like-minded organizations. 

Furthermore, part of our ongoing commitment to this cause involves directing 10% of the proceeds from our consultancy services towards our foundation.


But wait. There’s more. 

Vuelta Sur has partnered with Kora Community Center in El Pescadero, Baja California. Together, we have launched a series of workshops designed especially for children, with the purpose of spreading our strong commitment to inclusion, integration and the values of stability, harmony and peace while seeking to make a positive impact throughout the region.

 We focus on four fundamental pillars: Arts, Culture, Local Wisdom, and Community Outreach. Through these areas, our goal is not only to enrich the minds of the youth but also to foster a greater understanding and appreciation for the cultural and natural richness surrounding them.


This is the start of something good.

Two distinct trees with intertwined roots: Vuelta Sur and Kora aspire to expand their collective communities, respectively growing their like-minded movements side by side.

In collaboration with Cosa Buena

 Workshops for children through the program CreSer. This program in the Mixteca Alta region of Oaxaca was created for the youth of the village of Yucuiji. CreSer provides innovative environmental and arts programming for children who have limited access to educational resources. Children learn about native plants and explore their creativity through wood-working. 

CreSer has brought wood carving, film photography, drawing, literature, and performing arts programs to Yucuiji. The workshops also emphasize environmental awareness and education.




In collaboration with Kora Baja and Orgcas

 Empowering community and oceans. Workshop in Collaboration with Kora Baja and Orgcas a group of women united by the ocean in Baja California Sur.

This initial workshop represents a significant milestone in our mission to strengthen communities and a tangible commitment to sustainable development and ocean conservation. This event saw the valuable participation of 65 teenagers and children. 


Construction of a park in Todos Santos

We are supporting the construction of a park in Todos Santos, Baja, California. This park will be a vital space for the community, providing a recreational and meeting place for all ages.