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There is an abundance of wealth within the psychedelic community, and we must find a way to flow that towards the Indigenous communities that have been the original practitioners of many of the medicines we participate in today.

This project contains one of the most comprehensive collections of Mazatec records, textiles, historical artifacts, and video and sound recordings gathered by Renato García. During his lifetime, he documented the history and traditions of the Mazatec community.

The collection is now in the hands of Inti Garcia, his son, a Mazatec historian and guardian of his community's heritage.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of resources and the conditions of the Sierra Mazateca, many of these documents, photographs, and videos are rapidly deteriorating or urgently need restoration. We encourage you to consider supporting this initiative to prevent the loss of this historical treasure.

100% of your contribution will go towards the museum's construction, restoration, and preservation of this unique historical collection of Mazatec knowledge.‍